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Surf instructor and shaper

As a volunteer surf instructor and shaper, you'll have the opportunity to:

Teach surf lessons to surfers of all levels, from beginners to advanced.
Share your knowledge and passion for surfboard shaping through workshops.
Foster a fun and supportive learning environment.
Connect with like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds.
Participate in Thrilling Surf Program Events: Dive into the excitement by joining local surf competitions, beach cleanups, and surf-themed events, enriching your experience beyond the waves.
Engage in Inspiring Workshops: Not only will you share your surfboard shaping expertise, but you'll also have the chance to participate in enriching workshops and activities, expanding your horizons and connecting with the community on a deeper level.
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A typical day as a volunteer surf instructor & shaper in Busua

Every day as a volunteer surf instructor and shaper in Busua promises an enriching blend of surfing, cultural immersion, and community engagement, with weekends offering even more exciting opportunities for exploration and discovery.


Rise to the sound of crashing waves and the warm Ghanaian sun. Start your day with a hearty breakfast as you prepare for an exciting day ahead.

Surfing lessons

Gather with eager surfers of all skill levels on Busua's stunning beaches. Lead exhilarating surf lessons, offering guidance to beginners and helping advanced surfers hone their skills. Share your passion for riding the waves and fostering a love for the ocean.

Surfboard shaping workshops

After a refreshing break, head to the workshop space. Engage with local artisans and enthusiastic learners as you impart the art of surfboard shaping. Together, you'll craft beautiful, sustainable boards that embody the spirit of Busua.


Enjoy a delicious local meal with fellow volunteers and community members, savoring the flavors of Ghana while sharing stories and experiences.

Community engagement

In the afternoon, immerse yourself in the vibrant Busua village culture. Participate in community events, workshops, and local initiatives, fostering meaningful connections with the welcoming residents.

Free time

As the sun begins to set, you can choose to catch some more waves, explore the breathtaking coastal scenery, or simply relax on the pristine beaches.


Return to your accommodation and unwind with fellow members of the collective. Reflect on the day's adventures, plan for upcoming surf program events, and embrace the sense of camaraderie that makes this experience truly special.


Busua comes alive after dark, and you're invited to join in the local nightlife, enjoying music, dancing, and the vibrant atmosphere of this surf capital.

Weekend exploration

On weekends, the adventure continues with organized visits to the village, exploration of other beautiful beaches, and opportunities to delve deeper into Busua's rich tradition, culture, and history. Discover the heart and soul of this coastal gem during your time off.

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Start dates and arrival information

Join us from December 2023 and embark on a surf-filled journey that will leave a legacy in the heart of Ghana's surf capital, Busua.

Start date

Volunteers are welcome to join us starting from December 2023.


We require a minimum commitment of 2 months to ensure a meaningful and impactful experience. If you're looking for an extended adventure, you can stay with us for up to 6 months.


Upon confirming your participation, we will provide you with detailed arrival instructions and assistance. Whether you're arriving by plane, bus, or any other mode of transportation, we'll ensure a smooth transition into the vibrant Busua community.

Required skills and qualifications

At Surf House we aim to hire only the best to ensure quality control for the community we serve, and to make sure of that, these are some of the notable factors we look at when selecting our volunteers.

Surfing expertise

A strong background in surfing, including the ability to surf confidently and provide surf instruction to individuals of all skill levels. Certification is a mandatory.

Surfboard shaping knowledge

Proficiency in surfboard shaping, with the ability to teach and guide others in the art of crafting surfboards. Experience 2 years minimum in a shaping room.

Passion for teaching

A genuine enthusiasm for teaching and sharing your knowledge with others, along with patience and effective communication skills.

Cultural sensitivity

Respect for the local culture and a willingness to engage with the community in a sensitive and respectful manner.

Physical fitness

Good physical condition to handle the demands of surfing and shaping surfboards, and the ability to participate in beach activities.


Flexibility and adaptability to embrace the challenges and unique aspects of living and working in a coastal village environment.

First aid certification

Certification in basic first aid and CPR can be valuable for ensuring safety during surf lessons.

Other qualifications
  • Additional skills related to craftsmanship, art, or woodworking that can be applied to surfboard shaping.
  • Knowledge of English, and if possible, local Ghanaian languages, to facilitate communication with the community.
  • An understanding of and commitment to environmental conservation and sustainable practices in surfing and surfboard shaping.
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Empowering futures: A collaborative journey with the Paddle-Paddle Surf Project

We are proud to collaborate with the Paddle-Paddle Surf Project, a distinguished French NGO dedicated to supporting surfing communities worldwide. In 2022, our partnership with Surf Ghana Collective led to the importation of over 90 surfboards to Ghana, empowering the youth and fostering a vibrant surfing culture.

The Paddle-Paddle Surf Project played a pivotal role in the development of training programs, emphasizing the positive impact of surfing on social inclusion, access to quality equipment, and the opportunity for training in surfing professions. Together, we are committed to creating meaningful experiences and lasting benefits for the community, harnessing the transformative power of surfing.

Contact us if you want to know more about the program and conditions to apply.

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